San Francisco Flower Mart Tour & Floral Arrangement Class

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About the Experience

Want to impress a special someone with flowers? Come learn how to make beautiful floral arrangements. We’ll also tour of the San Francisco Flower Market and learn all about the flower business. 

August 10th | @ San Francisco Flower Mart | 10 am - 12 pm | 1 of 5 spots remaining

Who Would Enjoy This Experience?

Youth who want to move around, get creative, and make things

Youth who want might want to impress a special someone ;)

About the Host

HI!!!! I’m Monique, a 3rd generation SF native by proxy. I thrive on discovering the history of San Francisco and sharing it with others. I fancy myself a mover and do'er, am always out to make a new friend, discover a new place and create something tasty or beautiful. I come with a very diverse work background and over 15 years of floral experience in shop practice, events, and trainings

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