Cooking Class & Family Dinner


About the Experience

Food is healing and food is power. We will learn about traditional Mexican recipes and cooking methods and then cook the recipes as a group. We’ll work together in the kitchen and then sit back, relax, and feast on what we’ve made family dinner style. 

August 9th | @ Kitava | 3 pm - 6 pm | Full! (Join the waitlist)

Who Would Enjoy This Experience?

Youth who want to have fun conversations while eating delicious food

Youth who want to learn how to cook

About the Host

Hi, I’m Kevin! I am a Chicano first-generation child of inmigrantes Mexicanos from Sur San Francisco. In 2016, I founded a Farming Hope, a restaurant in SF to provide employment opportunities in food for folks experiencing homelessness. I also love to write and am working on a collection of poems about anxiety and promoting positive mental behaviors. In my free time, you can find me listening to hip hop and rap and on the dance floor with friends.

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