Intro to Birding

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About the Experience

Birding is the art of observing and identifying birds in the wild. We will take a group hike through Glen Canyon, learn all sorts of fun and interesting bird facts, and use binoculars and our new knowledge to identify birds in the wild. 

August 25th | @ Glen Canyon | 4pm - 6pm | 6 of 10 Spots Remaining

Who Would Enjoy This Experience?

Youth who like to go outside to clear their mind

Youth who want to learn and practice having a growth mindset 

About the Host

Hi I'm Sarah. I am a proud resident of San Francisco, midwest native, oldest sibling, and researcher. I have been birding for a few years now and got started through a free Audubon walk. There is something for everyone in birding because there are so many different ways to do it, no right or wrong. Birding helps me get outside and clears my head. The best thing about it is that it ties me to a purpose – improving the environment. It also gives me a trusting community of people, and teaches me about science and about myself and the way I learn.

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